*Likizo is Swahili for ‘vacation’. Vacation in English has the connotation of taking a break for an extended period of time. However, in Swahili there really isn’t a word that means ‘a break’ other that ‘kuvunja’ which means to literally break something…and we don’t want to be doing that.

Four day is rapidly approaching…YEAH!

It’s a most welcome break. While most of Whitman (and by extension most of my friends) will be heading out for various adventures in either Seattle, Portland and all the other places in between, I will be in Walla Walla.

By definition 4–day is (that’s right) a 4 day break intended for students to have some time to relax a bit, hang out with friends and travel if they so desire. I’m opting for the ‘taking it nice and easy’ option.  My most memorable 4-day was during my sophomore year.  I visited Portland for the first time and ♪I liked it! ♪. The drive over was especially beautiful as wedrove right next to the great Columbia. I stayed with my sophomore roommate’s family and in many ways it was a great experience.  We visited downtown where I had the customary photograph taken with the ‘Umbrella man’. If you don’t do that, you haven’t been to Portland. My friend corrected me at lunch pointing out that this bronze, life-size statue is actually called ‘Allow me’. This statue is quite contradictory in a number of ways. For example no Portlander uses an umbrella (even at Whitman) and it seems to be too chill a place to don a suit complete with waistcoat.  I got a taste of retail shopping in a huuuge mall, developed a taste for brie and ate at iHop with my friend’s mum and best friend. I simply felt at home. On the way back I got to see Multnomah Falls and it’s quietly spectacular. The bridge at mid-level with the waterfall behind it is reminiscent of a scene that could be found in a Disney princess movie or better yet a particularly romantic Bollywood movie. My 4-day this year may pale in comparison with that of my sophomore year but that’s okay, at least I will be well rested!

As we both, hopefully, look forward to this coming weekend. I leave you with some pictures from last weekend when we had the Block Party!


 Block Parteee!



Dressed in kimonos courtesy of TEK (Tekisuijuku House, the Japanese Interest House)



Schwa…so much talent!


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