Goodbye October!

It’s already the last week of the last fortnight of October! How time flies. I’m looking forward to a number of things. Firstly, we have the Haunted Hospital at North tomorrow. It’s a wonderful work of creativity once the transformation is over. Just the right physical props too seeing as it was the hospital in which my friendship mum was some time back. Wide hallways that allow you enough room to maneuver as you run screaming, headed for the nearest exit. Just the right amount of red light down in the basement and plenty of Whitties dressed and acting the part makes for a great Saturday night.
There’s volleyball’s senior night tomorrow and I’m quite excited for that. The team has been playing well at their home games and it will be great to honor the commitment that they have made to seeing the success of the team, game after game. Big shout out to all the volleyball seniors!
Last but not least, we have 中秋节! It’s the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. A few weeks late but it will be fun nonetheless. We’re going to be partaking in delicious mooncakes (a pastry with a red bean paste filling), play games and make pretty lanterns. It’s also a way to practice one’s Chinese and learn about Chinese culture. Last year we had a really fun time with karaoke and drunk bubble tea for days. I still have my handwritten Chinese name up on my room door, I’m making the most out of it.

Also, 2 more weeks until Thanksgiving break!


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