If wishes were horses…

These past few weeks, I’ve slowly come to the realization that I won’t be registering for another semester at Whitman. Which is unfortunate as there are so many classes I still want to take. Number one on the list is Semester in the West. Imagine, a semester long trip through the American West. No physical classroom walls but instead one’s expansive surroundings and real, honest conversations about the direction of our conservation efforts. It is a class that comes in the way I enjoy them-interdisciplinary. Because one is always on the road constantly meeting changemakers (and those opposed to change), it must be an exciting mix day after day.

State of the State for Washington Latinos comes in a close second. Engaging with one’s community is an important part of Whittie life and indeed life in general. My friends who have taken this class rave about how great it is… and just how much hard work it entails too. But I believe that in retrospect their findings and the ability of their research as undergrad students to impact the welfare of thousands of people in the State of Washington in a positive way makes it all worthwhile.

And lastly, any class from Prof. Belanger in Rhetoric Studies. More specifically I would like to take the class Civil Rights Rhetoric and Argumentation. 

Actually I wouldn’t mind being able to take Book Arts,  the Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Hollywood Stardom and the Sociology of Rock and Roll.

Do I have to graduate or can I stay for another four years?


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