I started taking Chinese classes the moment I got to Whitman. In fact, it was the only class (besides Encounters) for which I was officially registered. I got more classes later on but have always had Chinese as the fixed denominator in my class equation (booyah!)

So, the opportunity came for me to apply to the bi-annual Whitman Summer Studies Program. We’re talking totally different part of the world I had never been too, Chinese being spoken all around me, not to mention a beautiful province (云南) and the promise of a memorable time with friends. Needless to say I applied, got accepted and found myself in China in mid-June.


We were housed just outside the gates of Yunnan University where we had our 4 hour language classes taught to us by a Chinese teacher from the university. On two afternoons we made the short trek to another building off-campus where we learnt about the Chinese minorities that inhabited some parts of Yunnan. An enjoyable class taught by Prof. Chas McKhann himself. He is an expert on this topic and regularly goes back to Yunnan. We were there for six weeks, the last two of which we took a tour of Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la, some other towns and of course my favorite, the Naxi village, all places rich in history and culture. I look forward to returning to China, this trip really piqued my curiosity about the country itself and the region at large!


A quick photo from campus life:

Harlem Shake, WHITMAN Style!Image


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