La Pâtisserie à Walla Walla

One of my favorite places in Walla Walla is the Patisserie on Coleville Street. Its French name, as you may very well know, translates to “pastry” and by extension a  “pastry shop” in French. Ordinarily I am not a coffee shop/bakery  kinda girl but this place is different.

Numero uno…

That hot chocolate…is deadly. I don’t know what it is that they use but it is nothing short  of, well, magical. It is not at all like the examples I make for myself in my kitchen (Nesquik + milk) or those I find at other coffee shops. It is a rich mix of milk, what I suspect to be cocoa powder and a dollop of whipped cream.  You just need a small and you’re set for the day.


The eclairs they serve…and no, not Cadbury’s version of eclairs. Though they are filled with a vanilla flavoured interior and I would much prefer for it to be chocolate, they are still well made. They look good, taste good and are generally gone by the afternoon.


The ambience created. There is plenty of light from the floor to ceiling windows taking up most of the street facing portions of the space. There is non-distracting music playing in the background which allows you to work there with little to interrupt your focus. There is at times a steady stream of visitors which gives the place a sense of being busy but not too busy. Something that I appreciate.

So for those three reasons (and others), I would say that the Patisserie is one of the places I enjoy in Walla Walla.


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