Whitman Undergraduate Conference

My dearest friends,

This post is long overdue but better late than never, right? The Whitman Undergraduate Conference reminds me very much of TED Talks. 12 minutes of presentation with 3 minutes of Q&A. Granted TED Talks are longer but WUC presentations pack as much insight, inspiration and information. The curiosity of the researcher is evident and makes for great conversations later on. 

My favorite session (besides lunch) was:

Immigrant/Migrant Issues: My thesis was interested in the identity formation experience for African Immigrants and was excited to go learn a bit more about immigrants from a much more different place and with generally a different experience. I caught the tail end of a presentation on the graphic novel Darkroom: a memoir in black and white, listened to the efforts of the California Pesticide Reform group to eliminate the use of harmful pesticides that disproportionately affect Latino immigrant farm workers. I then listened to my friend’s presentation on creating a database for the types of ailments that immigrant farm workers suffer from, their morbidity rates as a result of work-related injuries with the hopes that this information will assist in creating avenues for effective healthcare for this group.

There were other presentations I attended because most of the day is a constant zig zag across campus as one tries to catch all the presentations they would like to attend. I highly, highly recommend this sort of day to anyone and to any college.



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